Morning Larks and other strangers

This week I wrote a short story. Not a good one. Not ready to be shared. Avoided my laptop. But finally just to start. Avoided the piece. And became engaged in the writing.

I intended to post a draft of the story but have not yet developed the require copy and paste skills.

Ok, a change of pace. I do not know how to upload anything to WordPress, and I may have managed to. I didn’t really choose this photo. It is one of three I can access.

My Morning Lark was done during early days of the pandemic. I googled drawing bird for beginners. I am so pleased looks like a bird. Many of my friends are artists. Some retreats I have gone on include writers and visual artists. I love galleries and art but for myself, am at sea.

Some artist friends started a Facebook page 2.9 Billion Birds Gone, a creative response to billions of birds who have disappeared since the 1970’s. I followed the direction to ‘ create birds on post consumer waste to raise awareness. There are gorgeous renditions of birds on this cite. I am not the only non-artist to contribute to the page. There are more bird drawings but I am not yet able to upload.

As a ten year old, I mastered drawing horses heads and to a lesser degree horse’s heads with bodies. And I learned at an early age how to draw a box.

When I started this post, I intended to write a bit about ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder- which I may or may not have. My doctor thinks I have ADHD but I have not been formally tested and I don’t know if it matters. I do know I am grateful for moments when my mind, body and spirit are more or less in unison.

In any case, when my mind is focused, I am more at ease and content. I can’t imagine I am unique, in that regard.

For my birthday, a friend gave me art supplies, and I am having a lot of fun trying to draw and paint.

When I was six, I attended a neighborhood arts and crafts class. I recall the event in great detail. Sitting a picnic table, my feet did not reach the ground, I was wearing white shorts and a white top. There were about six other children sitting at the table. We were given white plaster of paris ( is that a thing?) poppy to paint. I painted the entire mold black.

There was much laughter and I was embarrassed. This wasn’t a traumatizing moment but I do recall the painting of the poppy in significant detail.

The choice of black was not inspired by my too creative and misunderstood made for this but not in regards to the poppy) I liked the idea of a black poppy.

I am thrilled to bits I was able to upload a couple of photos.

The second photo is my view of Lake Clear, on the Opeongo Road in Renfrew County.

Every day the view changes a little and it stupendous how changing light alters the landscape. There are a multitude of birds who spend their days and lives as fas as I know on the property. We feed them and even though I am not a birder, ( adore my birder friends) it is impossible to not at least wonder what kind of bird it that? I grew up in this area and spent many summers at Lake Clear, yet, I did not really notice the birds. Now I do want to know and that is another little but stupendous change.

Let me tell you a secret; I am going to learn how to use WordPress before the pandemic ends. I will miss blog school when It ends.

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