Opeongo Delight

There is a mailbox on the left side of this road. Mail is a source of anticipation & excitement & writing letters to friends is also a pleasant way to spend time. Writing letters harkens to another time. When handwriting & penmanship were valued.

That last sentence indicates I am getting older. I may as well have started with in my day….

I have been away from my downtown Toronto apartment for the better part of a year. I miss my Toronto life ( which currently is closed down) but the quality of what comes in the mail is much more beautiful & lovely. I try to reciprocate with letters and cards.
In the mornings, I often walk down the Openogo Mountain Road, to go to the rural mail book. The road curves and hooks, I often cross the road to avoid a logging truck.

In the summer I remind my self how to avoid bear attacks. I have not seen a black bear since arriving here but I know they ate here. In the winter I only worry about walking on black ice, falling & being killed by a falling boulder. This is not accurate but I need to meditate while I walk – repeat a poem, phrase, or prayer – so I can take in the cruel beauty of the Canadian Shield. Birds, turtles, changing landscape Every day is different. Barren trees sprouting soft green leaves .In the summer, wild roses, trilliums, raspberries, strawberries & trails beckoning me into the woods. I wonder if I could live here as myself.

Art post cards from Saskatoon based artist friends Betsy Rosenwald ( Trump themed cards):& Linda Duvall ( Getting to Know You) Perhpss another time I will post more about these excellent exhibitions/ series. These cards connect me to a world beyond Renfrew County.

My bills and more demanding mail is sent to my address in Toronto. A friend occasionally checks my mailbox. It’s my demanding adult address with occasional personal notes or cards, notices etc.

The mail that arrives in the Opeongo Road is magical & promises to take me to other worlds. It is very sweet knowing all my mail at this address is nourishing & aspirational. I am not fond of the latter word – aspirational- but it will do for now.

I had meant to take a photo of the community mailbox. More treats from my excursion to pick up the mail. I love fountain pens & writing paper. Mailing letters is also a delight during these pandemic days.

The walk home:

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