• Purging

    Slowly his energy is leaving

  • Morning

    A new day The invalid has a home Scrolling, running Searching to be numb Done Fuck this shit Be here today One darn word at a time

  • Doctor Tin

    Blood Simple Got you out of my system That’s for sure, eh? God, how you loathed linguist jokes You blew my Socks off Today I’m taking you To the home

  • Daily Writing Practice

    Shall I rise at dawn & scribble my words dipping my fountain pen in ink If I lived Rosedale in a large bedroom with a French balcony Confined to my space with the tops of evergreens my only companions And the servants mamma left to look after me following her death at 104 Mamma had…

  • Bailey

    Lord, how have I done going through life without every having owned a dog.

  • Head in the Sand

    Dead by Midnight a laundry list of things to do before I die at midnight empty garbage, write a chapbook, write notes to those I love letting them know once I go to emergency I’ll be dead by midnight. The invalid will go on after my inevitable death I do not have stage four lung…

  • Eganville Leader Profile

  • St Michael’s Church, Douglas, Ontario

  • My Father

    My father waits for his post death chapbook. Seventy-two years following his demise Clarity & focus I need to be here now You tube videos, hating Donald Trump Is this a lie I’ll mis him when he is gone

  • My Father

    My father was born in a white wooden farm house in Douglas, Ontario. When my grandmother was three months pregnant, her husband died tragically. The year before my father was born, my grandmother gave births to fraternal twins. One baby, Harold lived for a week and the other, a girl died possibly from SIDS when…

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