My Father

My father was born in a white wooden farm house in Douglas, Ontario. When my grandmother was three months pregnant, her husband died tragically. The year before my father was born, my grandmother gave births to fraternal twins. One baby, Harold lived for a week and the other, a girl died possibly from SIDS whenContinue reading “My Father”


Misery A shut-in sleeps in a single bed in my living room. An aging writer. I am his most reluctant keeper. After a glorious for me lockdown, I returned to Toronto, after my seventy-first birthday, knowing he who I will call Elf, after his favourite Christmas movie, was returning to a caregiving role did notContinue reading “Misery”

I’m Walking

Below is a photo of my sister’s battered copy of my book: THINGS I WILL TELL YOU WHEN I AM DEAD: published by Hidden Brook Press In August, 2017 and available online at Chapters/Indigo. Followed by a blurb from Jacob Scheier. The presentation will improve along with my WordPress Skills. I hope this blog willContinue reading “I’m Walking”

Opeongo Delight

There is a mailbox on the left side of this road. Mail is a source of anticipation & excitement & writing letters to friends is also a pleasant way to spend time. Writing letters harkens to another time. When handwriting & penmanship were valued. That last sentence indicates I am getting older. I may asContinue reading “Opeongo Delight”

The library

I copied and pasted this photo just to see if it would work. And it has! The secrets of this universe are slowly revealing themselves. I had not intended to blog about the Pembroke Library but the practice photo had determined my course for the next few minutes. My earliest memories are of walking toContinue reading “The library”

Panning for Gold

Snappy blogger I am, I can access this long ago family photo. I think I save it on the cloud. It is the last picture I can post from a limited four saved. This is a photo of mother’s cousins with their parents. There is no story here. I need to determine much in theContinue reading “Panning for Gold”


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